Rolling Road Dyno

Our brand new 4wd Rolling road dyno is the very latest fully digital dyno rolling road. It is capable of measuring up to 2500BHP and is installed in its own custom built dyno cell next to our workshop.

Do not confuse our rolling road dyno cell with lesser ones out there, it is a brand new, state of the art 4wd Dyno that can measure up to 2500bhp at the wheels and load any car up for mapping safely at up to 1500bhp per axle.

ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping is when we down load the file from your cars ECU and adjust it to maximise the performance and efficiency of your engine. This is achieved by removing many of the compromises that the manufacturer programmed into the ECU. These restrictions are in place to cover the possibility of sub-standard fuel and possible engine neglect, Often the manufacturers restrict these engines just so they will fit into a certain market, because of tax situations, or to suit fleet buyers. You as a driving enthusiast you do not need these limitations on your cars ECU, so with our remap you can benefit from the hidden power and torque locked away within the ECU.

Stand Alone ECU Remapping

Stand alone ECU remapping is when we have fitted an after market ECU or you have brought a car to us with one fitted, we can tune all aspects of the map both ignition and fuel in real time to maximise performance and produce a custom Map for you car. We can produce custom maps for the following stand alone ecu’s:

  • EcuMaster
  • Link Ecu
  • Emerald
  • Omex
  • Life Racing
  • Vi-PEC
  • Syvecs
  • AEM and many more!


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