Hydraulic hand brake BMW E36 DRIFT KJS



We offer a hydraulic handbrake designed for the BMW E36. It was designed to hide and assemble in the original place. In addition, it leaves the opportunity to act like original thanks to the sprocket, which stays with the original lever. It is used to lock the rear wheels by connecting to the brake system. The product is mainly used for cars in motorsport, among others Drift, Rally, KJS, a great alternative for a car serving as a daily, for rain or snow. Due to the short “lever” requires inserting more force than it is in the case of vertical handhelds with a longer handle.

It is also used to create an independent, additional braking system. Thanks to the adapters offered on our other auctions, the assembly and construction of an additional braking system becomes extremely simple. Recommended installation on separate terminals.

The brake does not include the lever, which is the original equipment of every E36.

The product contains mounting holes.

Our products have been tested in extreme conditions on various battle squares – including drifting and rallies. They have never failed!

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