Short Shifter BMW drift kjs rally lightweight aluminum




We offer a universal short shifter for BMW cars. His task is to significantly shorten the shift time and make it more precise. The effect of this treatment is the sense of increased integration with the car, and thus the control over its behavior. When designing the device, we took into account the centering of shortening the stroke time of the jack in relation to the life of the gearbox.

In addition, its construction allows it to be mounted in the original tunnel and hidden under the original bellows.

The product was made entirely on CNC machines. The material is aluminum, thanks to which we have preserved its low mass. The lever is mounted on a high quality bearing. The whole painted is anodized in black.

Shifter’s features:

– modern design

– light construction

– lever bearing

– aluminum material

– milled and turned parts

– height measured from the base of 30cm

– small mounting surface

– fits with ZF manual chests and getrag

The assembly is very simple, we eliminate the original selector and we connect it only with the original connector with the gearbox.

The product is made in POLAND.

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