Ultra Shifter short BMW drift ksm GSMP universal




We offer a universal ultra shifter for BMW cars with manual transmission. The most important advantage of the device is that the jack itself is placed in the third gear position, which makes it a very precise device. This means that we do not have to worry about whether 3 or 5 will come in. In addition, it has the function of total blocking 5 and 6 of the gear.

Another important function that it fulfills is that it significantly shortens the shift time. The effect of this treatment is the sense of increased integration with the car, and thus the control over its behavior. When designing the device, we took into account the centering of shortening the stroke time of the jack in relation to the life of the gearbox.

The assembly is very simple, we eliminate the original selector and we connect it only with the original connector with the gearbox. In addition, its construction allows it to be mounted in the original tunnel and hidden under the original bellows.

The product was made entirely on CNC machines.

Product made in POLAND, tested for a long time before launch.

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