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DBW module (electronic throttle)

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The DBW module is used to control the electronic throttle with the EMU device. An additional module has the executive function (H-Bridge + processor). The DBW module has been divided into two microprocessor devices which has many advantages, i.e. the parameters are defined in the EMU (this can be easily integrated with software) and the devices monitor each other. If there is a failure of the EMU device or the driver, an action can be undertaken to ensure safety (in the first case, the DBW module will shut it down, in the second the EMU will cut off the speed). The complete set includes the module with the connector and the plug.

NOTE: Functions that are associated with operation of the electronic throttle are used for stationary tests only (generators, engine test benches). For safety reasons, do not use the service the electronic throttle on the road!!!

SKU: f1066

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