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Forged Prism H-beam 8cyl.

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Forged Prism H-beam con rods are made from proven forgings 40CrNiMoA (ASME 4340) with a strength of more than 200km per cylinder, likewise renown manufacturers’ products. Designed for 8-cylinder engines – indicate a make and a model of car, year of manufacture, engine version. Apart from the typical con rod it is possible to order any demanded measurements (20% surcharge), e.g. for strokers, unusual cars, the serial cars e.g. other bolt diameter.


– Made from forgings, ANSI 4340, degassed voidly 
– 100% CNC made, even edges 
– Heat processed (standardized) 
– All forgings X-Rayed before treatment 
– Specific external treatment, similar to kibbling, which disposes of minor strains that occurred during machine cutting 
– Sets adjusted according to weight (+/- 1g) and balanced END-to-END 
– Bronze protective tubes in the point of placing the bolts piston 
– Ready to use 3/8″ bolts (bolts available separately) 
– Set contains: 8 pcs weight balanced con rods, a box, producers information + acceptance protocol + logo e.g. to stick it under the hood 

Bolts are available separately, two types: 
– ARP2000 3/8″ – 11 EUR/pc 
bolts from the USA “grade8” durability, a bit better than 12.9, head 12-angle alike ARP, original, solid – 5 EUR/pc. 

SKU: f462

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