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Peugeot/Citroen 306 RS S16 2.0L

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A set of forged connecting rods by JRspec made in the H-beam technology for Peugeot 206 RC with 2.0 engine.

They are made from high quality forged steel ANSI4340 (EN24), strength exceeds 200 HP per cylinder. 

Vacuum degassed prior to processing. 

All forgings are x-rayed before processing. 

Heat treated (normalized). 

After processing they are stress-relieved. 

Aligned edges. 

Each hole has undergone honing twice (before and after fitting), which guarantees a perfect circle (tolerance of 0.01 mm). In addition, the rods are perfectly straight vertically to 0.01mm – many branded manufacturers have discrepancies exceeding even 0.1 mm, resulting in a faster wearing of bearings! 

Every single kit of a connecting rod + end has its own individual number. Sets packed by weight and balanced end to end. Heads are further strengthened, having the highest quality bronze sleeves in the rear piston pin position. 

The connecting rods have been tested in a more than 1.500 HP Calibra Tsunami. 

Length: 158mm 

Pin: 20mm 

Bolts: 3/8″

SKU: f4605

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