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PTFE Flex cable AN4

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A flexivle Teflon (PTFE) Flex fuel hose with a diameter of 6mm, steel braided. 

The best of possible fuel hoses used in tuning, irreplaceable at high pressure systems: fuel, lubrication, assistance and cooling system components. 

Unlike a common PTFE fuel hose, Flex is very flexible, it can be freely bent, which greatly facilitates the construction of the lubrication system that requires sharp bends of the fuel hose. 

Resistant to temperatures from -200 up to + 260°C and a pressure of several hundred atmospheres, and operation of almost all solvents, oils, greases, etc. 

Not suitable for use with PTFE AN4 tips, the fuel hose should be overlapped!!! 

The price is for 1 metre, maximum length of one section is 20m.

SKU: f30302

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