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Intercooler 600x300x76mm

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Intercooler 780x300x76mm

core size 600x300x76mm

inlet/outlet diameter of 76mm

suitable up to 900HP

It is equipped with a high-efficient, both internal and external, II type core, thick walls made of high quality bright aluminum which ensures its high durability, perfect cooling and air flow. It is a great substitute for in series intercoolers and enhances cars performance.

Our intercoolers have been the only ones to be tested up to 10 bar – even that level of pressure does not influence their performance.

All intercoolers sold by our company have a logo which allows to distinguish between several „similar” models available on the market. If you purchase one of our intercoolers you are guaranteed that you receive a high quality great with perfect flows and perfect cooling.

Unlike other similar intercoolers our products are equipped with much more efficient II type core! Old type core, seen on the right, have only one raw of thin gills (you could see the outlet through the inlet) which provided poor cooling performance – flowing air did not give away the heat it had gathered. Intercoolers that we offer on our auctions are equipped with much more thick alternately situated radiator which guarantees significant improvement in cooling performance.

Heat removal is made by brand new, external, two-layer core. Its internal part has thin, nicked fuses which features give them perfect heat removing abilities. Its proper placement and nicks (as seen on the picture) provide optimal ventilation (significant improvement in comparison to external dense radiators mounted in cheaper models) and the external fuses secure the radiator form mechanical damage.

SKU: f89

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