BMW M50 M52 Turbo head rest relief

£39.99 +VAT


We offer for sale a relaxation spacer under the head made of acid-proof steel, 0.8mm thick. The spacer serves to lower the compression ratio of the engine in order to allow for increased power through the installation of a turbocharger or compressor. The spacer is mounted between the 2 factory head gaskets. The spacer along with the gaskets reduces the compression ratio to about 8.5: 1 depending on the engine and pre-planned head and block surfaces.

The spacer fits the following engines:

– M50 2.5 without Vanosa

– M50 2.5 with Vanos

– M52 2.0, 2.5 and 2.8 with a single Vanos

The product is made in POLAND, burned on a fiber laser.

Our products have been tested in extreme conditions on various battle squares – including drifting and rallies. They have never failed!

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