Bottom strut + BMW E30 oil pan cover

£94.99 +VAT


We offer a set of bottom strut and oil pan cover for the BMW E30. It fits both the original engines in this model as well as those swapped.

The cover is made of 100% Domex 700, a material resistant to abrasion. Thickness is 3mm, additionally strengthened on the sides.

Strut made of 40x20mm flat plate with a 3mm wall and milled mounting sleeves. It also stiffens the lower part of the bodywork and contributes to a significant improvement in driving. Fits the original holes (front mounting bolts from the steering gear, and the back for mounting the swingarm in the longitudinal).

The product is made in POLAND, cut on CNC lasers and bent on press brakes and welded with the TIG method.

Our products have been tested in extreme conditions on various battle squares – including drifting and rallies. They have never failed!

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