BMW Exx platform FIA lightweight aluminum seat mount

£79.99 +VAT



We offer an aluminum platform for fixing a bucket seat. Useful in every car, which is used for motorsport (KJS, DRIFT, ¼ MILI, RAJDA, TIME ATTACK as well as cars built in the style of a track). We have platforms for both the driver and the passenger, so when buying, I am asking for a declaration to send.

The platform is compatible with our side seat mountings on other auctions. The product includes mounting holes, and their large number gives great opportunities to assemble the chair in a comfortable position for itself (front-back and left-right). This allows the seat to be centrally positioned in relation to the steering wheel, which is a very important advantage in the case of the BMW E36 and E46.

The fixings are made of aluminum, thanks to which the low weight of the product is preserved. Additionally, anodized in black.

The product is made in POLAND.

Our products have been tested in extreme conditions on various battle squares – including drifting and rallies. They have never failed!

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