Strengthening the floor of the BMW e46 DRIFT KJS M3




We offer a product designed for users of the BMW e46, which as we know a big problem is the poor construction of the floor in the area of ​​fastenings of the rear suspension beam. Our product is designed to strengthen or repair and strengthen critical areas in the back of the floor. Our project differs from many produced by other manufacturers. They are not ordinary plates but a specially designed and properly bent set of reinforcements matching the ribbing in the floor of the BMW E46. They are maximally expanded but at the same time welding them does not force interference into the rest of the elements located in the floor of the car.

The product tested on * BMW e46 M3 – at the highest overloads and forces *.

For the reinforcement, sheet metal (S355) with a thickness of 3mm was used.

Strengthening requires welding in the original floor.

Our product is made in Poland by qualified people. Cut out on the laser and then bent on CNC press brakes.

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