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Silicone Elbow 23′ 68mm

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Silicone connector branded with the FMIC.EU logo which is a guarantee of the highest durability and quality. Made of high quality silicone wall with a thickness of 5.5 mm and 4x no. of plys. The connectors allow enduring (no swelling and bursting) a pressure level above 10 Bar in the temperature range from -50 up to +200 degrees C. Can be used for air and water hoses, suitable for oil, fuel and grease fumes. With the aforementioned parameters, our products are perfect for tuning options when installing intercoolers, intake elements, cooling systems, etc.

Type: 23′ elbow

Size ID: 68 mm

Wall thickness: 5.5mm

No. of plys: 4

Length: 127mm each leg

Tested up to 10 Bar at temperatures from -50 up to +200 degrees C.

SKU: f699

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