BMW E46 E39 E36 diffuser

£89.99 +VAT


We offer a universal diffuser, the addition of a rear bumper. It was designed to give the car a racing character, its optical reduction and a unique tuning element in your car!

The diffuser has been designed so that you can personalize it with your car and individual needs. It gives us the possibility to mount 2 or 3 middle wings in any chosen spacing. In addition, the 2 extreme elements are separate elements, which gives another possibility of their any setting.

Why is the diffuser called universal?

The answer is simple because its mounting part is flat, which makes it compatible with a large number of bumpers, not just those from the BMW range. Everyone who has at least some manual skills is able to fold the diffuser.



– width of the mounting surface of the main element 81cm

– length of the mounting surface of the main element 12cm

– spacing of the mounting surface of the side wing (extreme) 15cm

The offered part is our original design which additionally makes it a unique element of the body. Below are photos of our diffuser before assembly and on example bumpers.

The product is made in POLAND made of aluminum sheet 3mm thick.

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