Spacer BMW E30 front KJS DRIFT 1/4 MILI

£49.99 +VAT



We offer a front strut for the BMW e30. It fits both all serial six-cylinder engine versions (excluding 325IX) and after swap for all types of engines m50, m52, m54, s50 s54, m60, m62 etc. *. If you value your car’s drivability, safety and professional appearance, this is the perfect product for you!

Our strut is not a Chinese counterfeit which is full of allegro!

Our product is made in Poland by qualified people. MIG MAG welding in special welding devices by an experienced welder with permissions. The goblet mounts themselves are cut out on the laser and then bent on CNC press brakes. The assembly holes are extruded – all this to make the durability and functionality of this product as large as possible. At the final stage of production, our product is painted with black powder paint which provides an unbelievable effect, matching every color of the body!

The main profile of the strut is a flat steel with dimensions of 40mm by 20mm and its thickness is 3mm.

Our struts have been tested in extreme conditions on various battle squares – including drifting and rallies. They have never failed!

* strut fits e30 with the engine m30b30, m30b35 after a small modification, which each of you can make alone in your garage. For simpler assembly to this engine version, we turn on photorelation.

** the front strut does not fit the 325IX version

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