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Coilover kit AUDI A8 D2 4D2/4D8 03/94 – 12/02

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2.8 Quattro / 3.7 Quattro / 4.2 Quattro / S8 Quattro / 2.5TDI Quattro / 3.3TDI Quattro

Lowering front 30-70 mm

Lowering rear 25-60 mm

Max allowed front axle load 1380 kg

Max allowed rear axle load 1230 kg

1 – When the adjustable spring seat is set too low according the catalogue, all guarantuees will be withdrawn., 3 – Front and rear axle height adjustable (threaded shock absorber housing on the front, dampers, springs and height adjustable elements on the rear)., 36 – Rear thread adjustment block is mounted on the bottom., 40 – Installation is also possible on vehicles equipped with NIVO / factory pneumatic suspension. In this case the assembly is possible only after the disassembly of the factory pneumatic system. In some cases, it may be necessary to use additional OEM Audi parts.

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