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Rocker arm adapter drum E30 E36 compact DRIFT

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We offer screwed adapters for the transition from the drum to the BMW e36 compact rocker arms enabling the installation of 2 clamps from all BMW e36 versions (excluding compact) and e46 (of course rear ones). The set consists of two adapters on the left and right sides of the rear axle. Our product allows you to connect a hydraulic handbrake in our car without interfering with the original braking system! You also do not need to buy a wishbone with disc brakes, which is a great solution because of the price and availability of drum reels.

Our product is made in POLAND.

Adapters are cut out with a professional laser and made of high quality galvanized steel (S235) with a thickness of 10mm.

The adapter is bolted to standard mounts.

Our products have been tested in extreme conditions on various battle squares – including drifting and rallies. They have never failed!

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