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T-Clamp 64-72mm

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Exceptionally durable and flexible clamps made 100% of stainless band, attached by means of galvanized screw and long nut. Their quality overshadows all other, similar products that are available in shops and on the eBay auction website. Stainless, flexible band of width equal to 19 mm and thickness of 0.6 mm guarantees proper installation of silicone hoses on the pipes, while in the same time maintaining a desired distribution of force on the entire perimeter after its attachment. Additionally, soft ends of the band make it virtually impossible to damage the silicone hoses in any way. The whole construction is secured with a nut, the length of which is equal to 10 mm. The remarkable size of the component in question significantly reduces the risk of damaging the thread while tightening the nut. The clamp is signed with the FMIC.EU logo. It is a guarantee of quality, longevity, and additionally indicates its vehicle tuning-oriented applications.

Effective range: 64-72 mm.

While purchasing clamps, remember to add 2x the thickness of the wall to the diameter of the silicone/rubber hoses!

SKU: f1028

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