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KnockBlock G4+ – #KNB

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The G4+ KnockBlock is an essential tool for tuning and can aid in the early detecttion of incorrect ignition timing, lean air/fuel mixtures and mechanical issues

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Listen to one or two knock sensors
Special filtering design improves signal to noise ratio
Can be used with ear buds, ear phones and noise cancelling ear muffs
Long life lithium rechargeable battery
Rugged CNC aluminium enclosure
Flying lead headphones connector
Can be used with all OEM knock sensors
Can be used to interface directly to a laptop for recording of engine noise or knock sensor frequency analysis (using PCLink G4+)

Install the knock sensor/s in a suitable location on the engine (typically on a solid mounting point on the block near the cylinder head)
If only using one sensor, leave the unused sensor cable disconnected
Turn the volume control clockwise until it clicks. The LED indicator will turn blue when the KnockBlock is operating
Turn the volume to the minimum setting (most anti-clockwise)
Connect headphones to the 3.5mm audio jack
Run the engine and carefully increase the volume (clockwise) until engine mechanical noise can be heard. Adjust to a comfortable listening volume

Turn off the KnockBlock by turning the volume control anti-clockwise until it clicks
Connect the USB charging cable to the KnockBlock’s Mini USB connector. Can be charged from any standard USB charger PC, laptop, car or cell phone charger (2.1A at 5V max)
The LED indicator will show red while charging. When the indicator turns off the battery is fully charged
Charge the G4+ KnockBlock after use and before storage

What’s In The Box?
G4+ KnockBlock
2 sensor looms (attached)
1 headphone loom (attached)
Quick Start Guide
1 USB cable mini
2 Bosch type doughnut OEM knock sensors
2 small Link Engine Management stickers

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