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Coilover kit VOLKSWAGEN Passat CC 357 06/2008 –



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3.6 FSI 4motion / 2.0TDI 4motion

Lowering front 35-70 mm

Lowering rear 35-60 mm

Max allowed front axle load 1110 – 1170 kg

Max allowed rear axle load 1230 kg

1 – When the adjustable spring seat is set too low according the catalogue, all guarantuees will be withdrawn., 3 – Front and rear axle height adjustable (threaded shock absorber housing on the front, dampers, springs and height adjustable elements on the rear)., 21 – If the vehicle is equipped with a stock sport suspension, the lowering mentioned in this catalogue will be relatively lower., 25 – In some cases it might be necessary to dismount the rear adjustment to achieve the maximum lowering., 35 – Rear thread adjustment block is mounted on the top.

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