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JRspec GTX3071R + JB (GTX3077R1

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JRspec GTX3071R+ JB (GTX3077R) is turbocharger built based on high quality journal bearings and enlarged by 4mm in relation to serial, forged CNC billet wheel, allow you to obtain significantly larger engine capacities with a spool similar to standard version. Assembled in the EU with a perfectly interfitting parts made from the highest quality materials using the latest precision machines. As many as 5 stages of balancing rotors reaching 250,000 rpm, guarantee trouble-free operation even in extreme conditions with very high temperatures and recharging. JRspec turbochargers are tested in the motorsport, used inter alia in drug by Tsunami (engines 2x R30 Turbo 2x JRspec GT42R JB, giving approximately 2000 HP), in drift by Paweł Trela (engine 2JZ, turbo JRspec GTX3582R + BB, about 900 HP), Kornel Prus (engine LS7, turbo JRspec GT45R JB, more than 1000 HP) and in many powerful street cars.

Suitable up to 580HP

Application: 2.0-3.0l

Bearings: floating bearings (made in Japan)

Restrictor: choose the right diameter to the oil pressure (recommended 1.8mm at 5B)

Sucktion turbine wheel: inducer 52mm, exducer 77mm

Cmpr Trim: 60mm

Turbocharger assembled in the EU!!!

SKU: f46105

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